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Everything You Need to Know About Shibori Dupattas

shibori fabricShibori Dupattas are very popular. Especially the shibori dupattas Kolkata has to offer is amazing. Here are some interesting facts about Shibori fabric.

Fashion is when we successfully blend traditional techniques in modern fashion requirements. Shibori is one of the most popular ethnic crafts. Shibori fabric for dupattas is extremely popular. The beautifully crafted shibori dupattas Kolkata offers is much loved by young girls. Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About Shibori Dupattas

Shibori Fabric – A Japanese Dye Technique

Shibori fabric

Do you know from where this Indigo fabric has emerged which the women are crazy about? Shibori is the oldest known Indigo dyeing techniques. The process was started since ancient times when the lower class people were not permitted to wear apparel made of silk fabric. Recently we have seen that this dyeing technique emerged in the world of denim and also gained popularity in the textile market around the globe. So, the Shibori fabric in Kolkata also has gained popularity. Most of the woman prefers to buy ethnic outfit made of indigo fabric and this style is a must have in every woman’s closet. So here are some amazing ways to create your favourite indigo pattern. Continue reading Shibori Fabric – A Japanese Dye Technique