How To Take Proper Care Of Your Organza Fabrics


Aparnaa is one of the most popular stores in the city that incorporates varieties of finest fabrics. Among the other fabrics, organza is demanded the most.

The sheer and delicate fabric is woven from silk, polyester, or the combination of both of these. Organza is used for fabricating the prom dresses as well as in the chain-store fashions where the fabric is layered under the skirts for boosting up the volume or laid over the other fabrics for softening silhouettes and used for the transparent sleeves and panels. Whatever be the outfit, if it is made up of organza fabric then extra care should be taken to keep it in the same condition for longer time. The widest varieties of this fabric in terms of colors, designs, and works are found in Aparnaa.

Gentle washing: – If one is worried that her organza fabric is getting damaged then she can wash it using hands rather than washing it with the other fabrics in the washing machine. Washing in machine can prove to be harsh for such sheer fabrics. If still the user chooses to wash organza in washing machine then the cool and the warm settings must be used. Nothing else should be included in the machine with organza fabric especially any outfit with zips, or hooks. Mild detergents should be used for washing the delicate fabric. Detergents containing bleach should never be used. Addition of little amount of white vinegar for rinsing purpose can help in removal of the stains easily.

Dry dexterously: – Try to avoid the drying dangers by either laying or hanging the organza garment out to air dry it. Keep the garment at a distance from direct heat. If the fabric is tumble-dried then the garment should be taken out of the washing machine when it is slightly damp. Hang it outside and smoothen the wrinkles as much as possible prior to completely drying it.

Iron the organza garment carefully: – Begin to iron the garment slowly on a lower setting and gradually increase the temperature if needed. Add a protective layer be placing a soggy cloth between the organza fabric and the iron. Do not hold the appliance in one single spot for longer time or it can get burnt. Avoid all the ironing related risks by lynching the creased garment in your bathroom only so that the steam from the hot showers can help in the drop out of the wrinkles.

Store the fabric by folding it properly: – If the garment is made up of organza fabric then hanging the garment in a closet can jeopardize the future of it. The delicate fabric may simply get caught on the hangers, fasteners, or the zips as one takes the other garments in and out. Try to avoid snags and tears by cautiously folding the attire and then storing it in a proper drawer, box or on a shelf. Layering the tissue papers, most preferably acid-free, in between the folds of the apparel can reduce wrinkling and can reduce the need of ironing. Avoid keeping organza garments in plastic bags as this fabric can trap moisture inside the plastic bag and can cause mold.

Besides organza, there are many more varieties of fabrics in the store that must be explored. Some of the popular fabrics of the store include the designer fabrics, embroidered fabrics, plain cotton fabrics, etc. The best collection of Banarasi Fabric Kolkata is also found here.