How to Take Special Care Of Your Georgette Sarees

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Trends may come and trends may go, but what remains constant is the evergreen appeal of the saree. Every Indian woman loves stocking up on them according to her tastes and the needs of every occasion.

If you are someone who isn’t too fond of sarees because they weigh you down, then you will find the perfect solution in georgette sarees. Fashion fabric stores in South Kolkata are stocking up on them due to a rapid increase in demand. Although the origins of this kind of fabric can be traced back to French soils, it still manages to retain the ethnic appeal. It is a light weight sheer fabric which is usually woven out of Silk yarns. It has a rough and dull texture and is easy to treat with dyes of various colours. The free flowing nature gives you an overall delicate bouncy look.

Although the material is quite sturdy, there are some things you need to be careful about if you want to avoid shrinking your saree and prevent it from fading. If you are sceptical of sending it to the cleaners, you can do it at home by following some simple steps.

The following are Dos and Don’ts that you need to follow to take care of the georgette printed fabric Kolkata offers.


  1. Always use a mild detergent because a harsher variety will make the colour fade.
  2. Use a tub full of cold water to wash and rinse the material.
  3. Lay the cloth down on a flat surface to allow it to dry.
  4. Air drying is the best option for georgette. The threads of the fabric are wound up really tight. So you needn’t worry if the material crinkles up a little after drying.


  • Don’t leave the saree out in sunlight for too long.
  • Don’t stretch and wring the fabric because that might make it lose its shape.
  • Avoid using washing machines and driers for this purpose.
  • Do not ignore special instructions like dry cleaning if it has been specifically mentioned.