The Beauty and Versatility of Georgette Fabric

There is also a good demand for georgette fabric in Kolkata because of its light weight and texture. The fabric has its own fan following. Here’s more on it.

Georgette is a much loved and popular fabric. In every wardrobe there would be atleast one garment made of georgette. There is also a good craze for georgette fabric in Kolkata because of its light weight and texture. The fabric has its own fan following.

There are many reasons for the popularity of georgette fabric:
  1. The fabric makes for a soft and extremely comfortable wear
  2. The sheer look of the fabric gives it a totally different look
  3. The fabric is versatile and can be used for various purposes
Here are some ways in which georgette fabric can be used:
  • Sarees: The maximum usage of georgettes are in terms of sarees. Georgettes make for an excellent fabric for sarees due to its light and very soft texture. Georgette sarees can be both in terms of prints or in terms of embroidery. Georgettes sarees are often available with borders and laces stitched to the ends. Georgettes not only look elegant but are such that anyone of any age can feel comfortable wearing georgette. Georgette sarees with embellishments are often used as designer wear sarees for weddings and parties. On the other hand printed or pastel coloured georgettes are lovely as office wear. This is the reason why among the available fabric sarees in Kolkata, georgette is much in demand.
  • Lehengas: Georgettes find a good use in Lehengas. Embroidered and embellished georgette fabric with an in-fabric is used as lehengas. The reason why georgettes are frequently used in lehengas is that being light-weight, even in embroidered form the final garment does not weigh too enormously heavy. Moreover the sheer fabric makes it look it very beautiful and forms the perfect background for the embroidery and embellishments. In most cases, satins are used as inner lining for georgette lehengas.
  • Dresses: Georgettes with lining make for beautiful dresses. This again is for the fact that georgettes provide a very soft and comfortable fabric. Western dresses look very elegant with georgettes. Georgette gives a very easy breezy look to the lehengas.
  • Skirts: Printed georgettes with inner linings look very good as Lehengas. Worn with elehant tops, skirts look very beautiful.
  • Dupattas: One of the main uses of georgettes are in the form of dupattas. Since dupattas are often an added piece of clothing, the objective is to keep it lightweight and for that georgette is an ideal fabric. Georgette dupattas can be plain, mono colored. They can be printed. For special occasions there are embellished dupattas and embroidered dupattas and dupattas with borders and laces. Georgette dupattas with detailed embroidery are often paired with simple kurtis to add a different kind of look to the whole thing.

These are the different ways how georgette fabric finds its different use. This is one fabric which would never fade in terms of popularity.

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  1. Georgette is extremely versatile and comfortable fabric. Loved every piece. Beautiful!

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