Things You Don’t Know About Tussar Silk Sarees

tussar silk sarees

As women love to dress up in every season and especially traditional when comes to any occasion. Tussar Silk Sarees definitely an all time favourite for every woman and the fabric is the most chosen one as well. Let discover some essential factors about Tussar Silk Sarees which most of the women don’t know.

This particular silk is also called as Kosa Silk

Obviously, the name of the saree is associated with sophistication. This saree is considered fit to wear in any occasion and comes in variety of colours and designs. The saree is stylish as well as women of every age can wear it.

Different variety of colours

Though the name tussar might let you think that the saree comes in one single colour. But, basically you are absolutely wrong as the fabric comes in different kind of colours starting from light colours to dark shades. You can also get a different kind of traditional block styles associated to give a contemporary look to this traditional saree. Many customers also choose to buy the fabric wholesale.

There are number of classifications

Generally, there are altogether more than five types of fabric that are produced in fabric manufacturing companies. Generally, all these silk sarees manufactured with a hint of cotton fabric and also a tussar wrap. Generally, if about the most popular ones then it is seen that the tussar cotton that gets sold the most.

The colour and styles changes in every season

This particular saree comes in a different kind of combination and generally the styles changes in every season. Also, the sarees is available in a variety of colours as well. The normal colour of tussar silk sarees is of neutral colour, beige or honey while bright colours include pink, green or red.

Specialty in manufacturing

The tussar fabric is actually manufactured with a very special kind of silkworm unlike another style of fabrics and this kind of fabric is specifically found in South Asian states. In India, generally, the tribal people weave this particular kind of fabric.

Dressing up in ethnic wear

Indian women are known for their traditional ethnic wear no matter whether they are wearing it for any occasion or any social gatherings. And this particular fabric is the symbol of this tradition. Though this saree is a bit expensive but once you buy it you won’t regret in spending so much of money.