Tips to Make a Dress from Cotton Fabric Material

Dressmaking is historically a cumbersome procedure. Now with lots of cheap fabric available, you can make your own dress beautifully. Here are a few tips to help you along this journey.

Every person in themselves is an artist. Creation comes very naturally to human mind. Be it the creation of a food dish or a story or a piece of clothing. Clothes are a very important and distinct creative platform and making a beautiful piece of garment can provide you with the catharsis of creating a play or even a movie or a Michelin star dish. But clothes are a very tricky proposition. Making a garment is a very tedious, cumbersome job and requires a distinct amount of dedication. Starting with cotton is a good decision. There are many places which store cheap cotton fabrics in Kolkata. So you can just buy a cotton fabric and start designing your own dress. Let us see how you could do cotton fabric in Kolkata

Steps to Follow:

  • The next step is also related to your fabric. It is very important to wash your fabrics properly. Wash and thoroughly clean them so that the fabric is pre-shrunk before any stich goes on it. Clean it, dry it and properly iron it out so that you do not get any creases.
  • The first step to follow is to get hold of your fabric. Always buy fabric wholesale. This is perhaps the most important part of the whole process. The fabric will define what garment you will come up with. Suppose you choose a cotton fabric. A cotton fabric will allow you to make a tunic or a sleeveless top or just a normal skirt. But if you choose wool, do not make a tunic out of it. You have to now go for a sweater or a jacket or something else. Another important step to keep in mind while choosing the fabric is, you have to love the choice and colour and pattern of your fabric. You need to be in love with it from the first step and keep it in your mind that you will wear it.
  • Next, you need to choose the dress pattern. A dress is a pretty cumbersome project to undertake. It has a high probability of going wrong somehow. So it is important to lay out your dress pattern from the beginning. Dress pattern refers to the exact measurements that a dress requires. Like the exact length of the sleeves, the exact length and breadth of the dress. It is basically the various shapes that will exist in different parts of the dress. All these measurements re pretty easily available online for a little fee. Or if you want to measure an already existing dress that you have, that will also work.
  • This is now the final step. Carefully cut out your fabric according to the measurements that you have acquired from the design. After cutting it out, carefully sew up the lines where the sewing pattern will go. Typically you will start sewing from the sides. Turn the fabric inside out and sew the front and back up carefully following the design pattern. Then sew the top following the seam line to a dot to carefully form the shoulders. Now your dress is done. Sew in a neckline to give your dress a proper character.