Tips on Making Perfect Cotton Kurtis for Your Aged Mother

Cotton KurtisWish to make Kurtis for your ageing mother? Buy some good casual cotton fabric for Kurtis and stitch her some good Kurtis. Here are some tips before you buy.

Your mother is growing old and moving around in sarees is becoming increasingly difficult for her, especially during travels. Why don’t you ask her if she would like to think of wearing Kurtis and salwar instead? Explain to her the benefits, especially highlighting the ease of traveling and comfort during winter. In case she is willing, buys some good casual cotton fabric for Kurtis and stitches her some good Kurtis.

Here are some tips:-

  • Buy Cotton Fabric:-

    Cotton fabrics are breathable, comfortable and easy for old people to handle. Cotton fabrics are most preferred for casual, regular usage.

  • Choose Colours and Prints She Likes:-

    You needn’t make it colorless and boring just because she is growing older. Break the norm. Take her to the store and let her choose the style and color she wants and if it is difficult for her to go, but after asking her. Let her enjoy her first Kurti.

  • Stitch it rather than buying ready-made ones:-

    It is easier to buy readymade Kurtis but it is best to buy fabric and stitch. This way you will be able to design it perfectly the way she wants and is comfortable in. Stitch it is such design that it is not cumbersome for her and easy for her to carry. For the salwar, you can introduce soft elastic bands instead of the tape so that she can open it without hassle. Design the Kurti in such a way that wearing and removing it becomes easy.

  • Quality is important:-

    A good quality fabric will last song and also will be easy to maintain. So always insist on quality. For this important that you buy from reputable stores for the best collection and range. It will also ensure that you get good, quality fabric.

These are a few tips you can keep in mind while making Kurtis and salwar for your mother. You can get some of the best fabrics in Aparnaa’s. So if you wish to buy fabric for Kurtis of good quality then it is your perfect destination. Visit the store and walk out with some quality fabrics for your mother.