Tussar Silk Is the Silk of the Regal

traditional silk saree

It is India. Festivals are always around the corner.  In a social gathering it is imperative for your social status that you stand out. From a marriage to a religious festival, social gatherings are way of life for India. You have to stand out in attitude and in style. Saris will always be a classic in such circumstances and especially important is and will be the exquisite Tussar silk sarees. Tussar has a rich history and political importance in India’s history.

The Inception

Tussar silk is produced from silk worms found in the bark of oak trees all over South East Asia. It is weaved from a number of varieties of silk worms all found in different geographical areas. The cocoons are first dried in the sun and then they are boiled to extract silk yarn from it. This is perhaps the most important part of the whole process. The boiling softens the cocoon and along with the worms inside it, it changes the structure of goo into threads of pure magic. Tussar is considered a much textured variety of silk. It is less durable than the traditional one and has a dull golden colour to it. This type of silk is found mainly in the forests and thus tussar is considered a forest product by many.

The Sari and its production

Tussar silk saree is a hot favourite among people of Bihar and Bengal region. The main production of this saree happens in Bhagalpur. Bhagalpur has an industry of over 100 crores invested in tussar sari production and this saree is always in high demand in the regions of Bengal and parts of Bihar. Tussar provides employment to workers of over 30,000 handlooms in the Bhagalpur area.

The tussar silk sari itself is a thing of the fables. Bengali culture has made this saree imperative, always topping the charts of fashion trends in all the occasions and social gatherings. Apart from Bengal, women in Maharashtra also wear tussar silk on a semi regular basis. Now if we are talking about colours, you will find a wide range of colours in tussar saris. Ranging from beige to blue to golden to red. Also various types of designs are made with tussar silk. From Bengali kantha stiches to orissa’s pattichatra, Tussar is used for all varities. The designs generally range from nature to accurate geometrical designs.

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