How to wear a Cotton Silk Saree perfectly?

Cotton silk sarees are the perfect blend of style and comfort. Buy one from the range of cotton silk sarees in Kolkata and drape it perfectly at every occasion.

The traditions and customs, which are deep rooted in Indian culture speak about a mandatory term that is a Saree. Even before the time when the British came to India and settled here, there customs were set. Since that time, the culture of India followed the traditional appeal. For those who lived in the Western countries, suit, tie, and pant was the traditional outfit for men and gowns for the women. And here in India, the outfits were dhotis with kurtas for men and sarees for the women. And among so many varieties, cotton silk sarees have always been the favorite pick of all for every occasion. And the most popular was the cotton silk sarees in Kolkata.

Women of Bengal love to wear sarees for every occasion. They prefer to wear sarees at office, in wedding, and everywhere else. Wearing a Saree for the whole long day can be irritating if it is not a comfortable material to drape. Along with the comfort factor, the style factor is also kept in mind. Keeping these two points in mind, the best choice that comes in mind is a cotton silk Saree. Here’s how can you wear a cotton silk Saree with perfection.

● Now, prior to wearing the Saree, ensure you have the matching blouse and petticoat to wear with it. Cotton silk sarees are available in a plethora of colors so make sure to get a matching or a contrasting blouse and a matching petticoat with it. These are the two important requirements.

● Begin wearing your blouse and then securing the petticoat from your waist. Pick the favorable position underneath the naval to tie your petticoat band.

● Blouse are available in different designs with different back styles. Choose according to your personal preference and of course the type of occasion or the place where you are going to wear the Saree.

● Begin by opening the cotton silk Saree completely. Hold the end of the drape horizontally. Now, all around your petticoat lines, halfway to the little right side of your naval, tuck in a little portion of the corner of the end of the Saree. Then begin wrapping it around the waist. Complete one circle of wrapping so that the petticoat gets entirely covered. The main objective is to hide the petticoat from every side and underneath. Now, the loose and will come to your left.

● Once the first wrapping is done, now tuck. In your Saree with your petticoat in the front in order to obtain the desired Saree look. Once you have tucked in the drape you will now notice a large portion of the Saree falling in front. Pick it up and make pleats out of it. Ensure that the pleats are equal and organized. You can take help from someone who knows it well but actually, cotton silk sarees are quite simple to drape as this material is extremely soft and light. Remember that the pleats must touch your feet. Once you have completed pleating, tuck the whole thing in. Generally, five to six pleats come out in a general Saree length.

● Now what remains is the pallu. The remaining part is the pallu that needs to be brought in the front and then needs to. Be kept at the back over the left shoulder in a diagonal way. The pallu is left free in order to cover your mid riff and your stomach. You can also pleat the pallu and fix it with the blouse on your shoulder using a Saree pin or a safety pin. Saree is the most-loved ethnic Wear in Kolkata and a cotton silk Saree is the best one among the huge number of options. So, keep these points in mind to drape your Saree properly.