Welcoming the Seasons with Wondrous Kurtis

Kurtis are a much loved apparel. One can buy fabric for kurtis and stitch as per choice. Here are tips on selecting kurtis that would blend well with season.

There are lovers of ethic, traditional wear like sarees. There are lovers of hardcore western-wear. And then there are lovers of kurtis and salwars. The fascinating fact about kurtis is that it is an ethnic wear that has an ‘easy-to-wear’ and ‘easy-to-handle’ factor to it. Unlike sarees, one really does not have to learn to drape it and unlike western wear one really does not have to follow a particular set of style dictum. One can actually mix and match the kurtis in different styles and forms and experiment it one’s own way to enhance the look. Kurtis are available ready-made and can be stitched as well. In Kolkata, one can buy fabric for kurtis of different varieties, type and experiment with the cuts and stitches. The good thing is that these days there are umpteen choices of fabric available with the wholesalers in the market of fabric wholesale in kolkata.

Here are a few tips on the type of kurtis you may chose as per season:

  • Summer Comfort: Sultry and sweaty summers are hardly comfortable. Western wears are a definite ‘No’. Sarees may be comfortable depending on the type of fabric but draping sarees is often a challenge, especially for the younger crowd. In this season, the best comfort wear would be short kurtis, teamed with airy Patiala style Slawars. Cotton kurtis are always the best best. Considering the hard summer sun, it is good to go for pastel shades. A pair of white and black salwars can be mixed and matched and worn. A night-time party can include a light embroidered silk kurti. A French braid or a pony tail can complete the look.
  • Romancing the Rains: Rainy seasons are both beautiful and challenging. The cloudy weather and the drizzling rain drops makes one want to dress up for the occasion. But cotton kurtis are a difficult choice for the rains because one needs fabrics that would dry faster. Hence kurtis in rayon and silk, which dry easily, can be good choices. Since it is often wet outside with puddles, light coloured kurtis would end up with ’mud-spots’. So, kurtis in shades of dark blue, dark green, grey all go very well with the colour palette of the nature as well. Kurtis in Bobbi prints or stripes too would look good.
  • Autumn Festivity: Ushering in the festivities of autumn, the choices for kurtis can be varied. Since there are neither rains not heat, any kind of fabrics may be chosen. But keeping in mind that the festivals include fireworks and lighting of traditional lamps, it is wise if materials that catch fore easily like nylon, rayon and silk are avoided – especially the young and the hyper-excited ones! Festive season would also mean the right to wear embellished clothing and embellished kurtis would actually look brilliant as festive wear.
  • Warming-up to the Winters: Winters need warmth and sarees, western wear and kurtis are all equally comfortable. Cardigans, sweaters and over-coats may be bough along with the kurtis for better colour co-ordination. Kurtis made of denim materials would not only look interesting but would also add to the warmth as well. Traditional warm kameez style dresses like Kashmiri Pherans may be chosen for the warmth and the style of it. Winters can mean one can wear heavily embroidered kurtis or salwars paired with Shararas or for an off-beat style can also pair kurtis with long skirts.
  • Spring Colours: Warmth begins to just set in. Light kurtis in nets may be worn. But cottons are best suited for this season. Chikankari kurtis add a pleasant feel in tune with the light breeze around. Else, colourful, flowery prints in vibrant colours add to the glory of the season. Abstract prints in vibrant colours too can add to the ‘butterfly effect.’ Though sarees also good for the season, the young would always go in for Kurtis except the festive moments.These are little ways by which one can usher in the seasons with careful selection of kurtis that would go with the underlying theme of the season and would be comfortable as well.