Useful Tips To Choose The Best Clothing Fabrics For Your Outfits

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For making any outfit from scratch, designers always search for the right manufacturers to source their wholesale fabrics kolkata from. While designing outfits is one part of the whole process, the perfect fabric selection makes a world of difference to the look and feel of it. Understanding which fabric will suit each body type, the kind of weaving it needs, quality, texture- all play a crucial role in making you look like a diva. 

How To Find The Right Fabrics For Your Projects?

You will find many wholesale fabric suppliers in Kolkata but blindly sourcing from anyone can cost you in the long run. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one:

  1. Choose a fabric that will do justice to your project and will match your skills.
  2. Think about the climate before finalising the outfit, whether it will be comfortable or not.
  3. Know the properties of the fabric you are working with beforehand. 
  4. A fabric with a high cotton content is great for beginner sewists.
  5. Knits are stretchier than woven fabrics, and you need to be adept at working with it.
  6. Consider using fabrics like silk or a thick fabric like canvas, denim or knits, which are super stretchy, once you are confident. 
  7. Perfect summer fabrics are cotton, linen, and jersey. As they are lightweight and breathable, using these fabrics for regular wear is the best choice. 
  8. Embroidery fabrics in Kolkata are in demand, especially in the coming festive and wedding season. So make sure you pile up some for that rich look. 
  9. Use a lining if the shell of your garment needs stability or additional opacity.
  10. If you choose a printed fabric you should keep in mind how easily you’ll be able to line up the print when sewing. 

Wrapping Up!

Style and fashion is a way to show your personality without even speaking a word. Dressing right for every occasion sometimes gives us jitters as we all feel at times we are lacking the perfect attire. But the key is to be confident and poised. Though sustainable fashion is setting its strong foothold in the dynamic and ever-evolving fashion industry. It will take time for commoners to avail of it. There is still a stark gap between the demand-supply curve and for the fabrics to be cost-effective. 

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