Classic Handloom Sarees: An Ideal Combination Of Beauty & Grace

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Is there any lady that’s not a big fan of an elegant handloom saree? In India, there are a plethora of handloom sarees varieties. Read this blog and discover them. 

India is a country which is popular for its marvellous legacy of its various heritages and cultures. One can find traditional crafts in every nook and corner of this amazing nation. And one such exemplary handicraft is handloom sarees. Moreover, Aparnaa handlooms come in top-notch quality. Check them out here. 

Styling Tips For Gorgeous, Lightweight Handloom Sarees 

  • To begin with the styling technique of a handloom saree, the most popular one is the Kappulu style. This extremely elegant style is a general preference for older women. It apparently complements the curves of a woman. Moreover, the longer the saree, the better it has drapes. Additionally, unlike other saree forms, this style calls for draping the saree from left to right. 
  • Next, is a butterfly saree style which is very common in Bollywood movies today. It has a non-bulky and modern appearance. All you need to do is pleate the top part of the pallu into a thin column. Next, create a fan-like, shape of a butterfly in the lower part of the pallu. You can also pleat the pallu into a single column. 
  • Thirdly on the list is the backside pleated drape which catches our attention immediately. It carries an interesting twist with its pleats. Rather than doing the pleats tucking in the front, make sure to tuck it neatly at the backside. This gives a more iconic as well as alluring look.
  • Finally, is the double drape style. Since handloom sarees are usually flowy, this style gives a slimmer look. However, this process calls for the draping of the saree two times. It also gives a trendy look for women going out to parties and weddings.

Tips To Buy Handloom Sarees Online 

When the festive seasons hit, we often get puzzled about choosing the right saree. But no more with these tips in mind. 

  1. Always look for a saree that compliments your body size. There are various sizes available and you can choose any one from them. 
  2. Choose the fabric wisely as it can have a long-term effect. 
  3. Women having a broader build must opt for sarees made of light quality. Instances are georgette, chignon and chiffon. Healthy women must resist purchasing crepe sarees because it will only make them look thicker. 
  4. Dark-skinned girls can consider buying sarees of colours such as green, dark pink and maroon as well. 


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