Handlooms: The Only Fabric That’s Imperfect Yet Beautiful!

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A handloom saree cannot be defined without mentioning “flawless”, “untainted” and “perfect.” Dive deep into this blog and know more about this intriguing fabric. 

The handloom fabric generally uses a loom to weave and the weaver manually operates with his own hands. Now, in that case, getting flaws is very common. The imperfections in this perfect fabric can be anything from an uneven yarn to a faded print. However, the most interesting part is its demand never decreases even after its flaws. 

The Flawed Attributes Of Handlooms 

  • The blemishes in a handloom saree or Kurti are what make it look so amazing. One can see the tiny holes that are nothing but the pin marks. Thereby, leading the saree to be pinned into the loom. The small stain can also be from the oil that weavers use for lubricating the loom. It is possible that a tiny drop gets accidentally spilt.   
  • The extra black knot on that snowy white Kurta can be a strand of black thread. It can fall on the loom fabric because of the gushing winds. Further, the weaver weaves them in the process, as well. The point of all these is that such imperfections have a story to tell. Every handloom outfit is unique and undeniably amazing. 
  • Most importantly, every fabric consists of the loving touch of weavers. It can determine the immense warmth, love, patience and hope of the creator. Since handloom is no less than an art, we call the weavers the biggest artists of all time. This art includes persistence along with tremendous efforts as well as skills. Well, Indians are already famous for their amazing craftsmanship and weaving qualities. 

Advantages Of Wearing Handloom Fabrics 

  1. They Are Unique 

The beauty of this quintessential fabric is that no two hand-loomed of it can be similar-looking. Every piece is a work of art which uniquely displays craftsmanship. Moreover, handloom fabrics reflect the hard work of the weaver. 

  1. Quality 

One generally makes Handloom fabrics using essentially high-quality fibres such as silk, cotton and linen. Not only these are resilient but also last really long. Furthermore, weavers pay special attention to detail and ensure that they produce the best fabric which is equally durable. 

  1. Comfort and variety 

When it comes to comfort, nothing beats the handloom fabric. The skin eventually feels better in the sun when you don a handloom saree or Kurti. 

Besides, it also allows the weaver to gain absolute control over the creative process. As a result, we end up getting tons of variety of handloom outfits with innovative designs. 


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