How Are Indian Silk Sarees A True Epitome Of Beauty And Glory?

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No other outfit can ever match the supremacy of an Indian silk saree. Aparnaa prides itself on having the most assorted range of silk sarees. Check them out. 

Being the best traditional wear in the country, sarees made from pure silk fabric grabs a special place. In fact, it has a significant contribution to the Indian fashion market. Women of all caste as well as creed show their preferences for this elegant outfit piece. 

The Silk Fabric And Indian Sarees 

The silk fabric essentially has a variety of types. India is one of the leading exporters of this fabric. A number of regions in the country are popular for their silk. South India especially boasts of the maximum production of high-quality silk fabric. Moreover, a significant population of the country has been involving itself in the silk clothing business. The famous Kanchipuram silk saree deserves a special mention here. 

Our country has been a consistent provider of a vast range of beautiful, durable and elegant saris. From the rearing of silk worms to the weaving of sarees, these craftsmen take complete responsibility. The finest quality of the silk, the luscious hues and exquisite pallus make these sarees stand out from the rest. There are tons of varieties of silk saris available such as:

  • Kanchipuram or kanjeevaram
  • Pat
  • Patola
  • Jamdani
  • Muga
  • Banarasi
  • Butter silk
  • Paper silk
  • Khadi silk
  • Mysore 

The gorgeous beauty of these sarees gets a step accentuated with beads, zari embroideries, mirrors and zardozi borders. Every piece of a silk saree denotes an artistic creation because Indian weavers weave love in them. Moreover, the intricate artwork gives a distinctive look. 

Reasons Why Saree Survive The Fashion Game Over Centuries 

  1. They are versatile 

One can wear the saree in different ways. Within the country, there are various types of draping styles. To name a few, the Rajasthanis have a different draping technique than the Bengali ladies. However, draping becomes easy with different tools available in the market. 

  1. It is both traditional and stylish

There is barely any outfit that carries tradition so well and also has a stylish approach. Pick a sensual Indian silk saree as it is a perfect fit for both birthdays, occasions and weddings. Additionally, the fluidity of this drape provides a feminine appeal to the wearer. 

  1. Affordable

The best part about buying a silk saree is that you do not have to burn your pocket due to this. Buying them from reliable suppliers like Aparnaa gives you a reason to own more of them!


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